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In the Spring comes the flowers

In the Spring comes the flowers

Good morning!

I love this day! I am able to be creative and a  bonus attached is that the sun is shining!

To think of history, the early Greeks and all the beauty they created for the rest of us. The culture and the ideas I do not always find kind. The way some were slaves so that others could be free to explore the arts and so they did.

Art needs time.  Seems people are so busy today. But some of our business is to me, just keeping up with what others feel is important. To create, like I love to do, means to simplify and give myself time.  🙂

Gifts of art, beauty, fashion, the design of life, just have to be!

And so we create, anyways…because it IS meant to be!  Like water…it finds a path.


And then in the Spring…a flower emerges! And so with all the hard work and art created, at some wonderful moment, It is appreciated!!

Now……….back to creating!

Have a beautiful day 🙂



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