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Month: April 2015

Great Gain Pt. 2

On the way to the village, and behind a large tree a robber was to be seen. He plunged out and hit the collector of shiny things on the head.  The collector was stunned and for a moment saw only the sky whirling around him like a tornado. The robber stole his wallet and fled. Sadly, they were now without any means except for the shiny stone that was hidden away in a shabby pocket. This was the...
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More than a Tweet!

Good evening! As my friends the birds come back to visit me, their presence feels like an old friend and something new! Lately one of my greatest pleasures has been to work with some amazing musicians. The collaborations are working out so well and the pieces that we are putting together to create these songs is really like a present that even I don't really open until it is completed. (It's hard...
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And the Hummingbird did say

Good and beautiful evening to you! Today felt like Spring into Summer as I pulled out my guitar and played in the fresh and open air! I have been working on my new music and getting it ready to play! I have lately been so happy to find that the song I did with Ombre Zion, "Love around the World" is still at # 1 BTYO! Wow eh! What a gift :-) That is what good vibes are like. You give but you too...
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