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Creativity and it’s avenues

Creativity and it’s avenues

Good afternoon!

I just wanted to say Hello again!

This week I was re-introduced to a fellow musician. He had been touring for a few years and one day, he just burnt out. Now he won’t even pick up his guitar. He looks a little war torn and I thought about ” where does the creativity go?”

I was also taking a break and found a great article written about Pink Floyd, specifically, David Gilmour. One of the greats for sure. How the band had started with Syd Barret and how Syd Barret’s  creative journey took him far and beyond, due to all the psychedelic drugs that he felt aided his creativity. Sadly though the drugs stole his ability and he lost that very flow of original thought.

The creative mind. It has it’s mysteries.

I do find, for myself, that the more I explore new ideas and sounds, the more ideas I am getting. It seems as if the well is full, once the bucket is dropped into it.

As I tune up my guitar for another moment into a world where thoughts and dreams are all waiting…

I wish you a very wonderful weekend 🙂

Truly and

for now


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