Songs in the Making!

Songs in the Making!

Good morning to you! The birds are singing cheerfully as my flowers unfold their beauty!!

I just wanted to let you know I have several songs in the making! One of them is titled, “I’m a Poem” The lyrics of This song are written from a personal perspective. To create this song, songs themselves come from a place deep inside. Sometimes a spiritual place. Some songs can only be written from this place, as a gift from the Giver. Like a privilege given to the writer to share, with all of you. That is an artists gift. Something one must do for themselves, and ultimately for others. A gift that does not come easily, but through much turmoil and trial.

I look forward to sharing this song with you as I seek to be faithful to my gifts to bring them to you!

I wish you a wonderful day. Peace beyond circumstances as each of our stories is told.

Love to you!

Rachel 🙂

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