March 1, 2017 in Rachel's Post

#Art and it’s ever Presence

Good afternoon:-) As I start very soon into the studio where we are mixing down more samples for Film, I am thoughtful of the value of what we as artists do. Live in sacrifice and time given to express to you a value, for this time and beyond. To perhaps mirror the soul’s cry or the beauty overlooked. Art weaved in and through a culture in any time in history. Like thread for the making of the loose fabric that is loosing its thread count. As I create I am reminded that talent is one thing, and art that expresses from the soul is another. I hear much talk of love and I know that we are at a place on earth where we have experienced many things and in the balance have found love to be the weight on the scales. If the universal energy flows in waves, and these waves match the waves of love. If hatred and evil intent do not match these Universal waves then I can only surmise that the flow of the Universe is along the waves of love. That God proves to be love. That actions that are apart from actions based on love are not true and are based on something false in the Universal flow. It makes the actions of others easier to see. Just some thoughts today that I was thinking on. The whole idea of energy..well I would rather follow the flow of the Universal waves ie:” love my neighbour” and if one is unloving I can see that this is working from a false belief or a belief not based on the natural Universal flow. Then I would think of love and it’s definition..Anyways! Better get into the studio soon! Have a beautiful evening ! for now , Rachel

February 20, 2017 in Rachel's Post

Great Day!!

Good evening! I just had to pass the JOY on to yOu!! and tell you what a great time I had in the studio today! I am sorting and creating film samples and will soon put them up for you to ….well..sample.! It is a whole new aspect of musical creating and I really love it so much! Also have new tunes in the “cooker” so to speak..A great deal on the go and I am very thankful and honored!! I wish you a very relaxing evening and a GREAT start to the week! Love and music to YOU! for now, Rachel 🙂

February 18, 2017 in Rachel's Post

Springtimes Kiss!

I walked in bliss as the snow flakes dripped of water drops and sunlight diamonds. I felt your kiss, a brief caress of springtime wisk of days to cherish. For you brushed my cheek with sunlit moisture, smell of seasons new arrival. And as I walk in cheerful wanderings ,  you are here to welcome me:-)

February 12, 2017 in Rachel's Post

Step in it’s Fine!

As this day is winding down I am reflecting on my journey this far. It’s that balancing act of new territory and faith. Walking on the water so to speak means to focus on the object ahead and not the deep ocean floor. Taking a risk and stepping forward into an unknown possibility is stretching and broadening my comfort zone for sure! There are times on this path that faith will be put to the test. Belief into action. It’s always so much easier to theorize and formulate handy answers to life’s path, but walking the water of belief is where proof becomes one’s greatest case for truth’s discovered.  I suppose it’s really living, moving past the ordinary into the adventure. There are so many new and exciting opportunities ahead as I step in and feel the wind caress my face with newness and anticipation!  So much ahead!!  Have a beautiful evening! for now, Rachel 🙂

February 7, 2017 in Rachel's Post

Past the Drudge Donkey

Far be it for me or you to live in limbo…frozen in time till time runs out! No! The grey, shadowy days of mediocrity paw at our heels as we see only mist and drear..NO! Far be it from us to let it sink into our bones like quicksand in the night..For we will face the eyes of drudge, it’s nostril smell of dank and dull its lure to shallow waters call to sleep and stillness creep …PAST HO! and on and so we seek the journeys greater pathways peek! 🙂

February 7, 2017 in Rachel's Post

Music and Peach Pie!

Good afternoon! As winds blow and temperatures shift into new seasons I wanted to say that I am more and more inspired lately! I woke up to a new song in my head the other day and am really excited to complete its journey!! Recording sessions have been going really well and that too is a reward in and of itself. 🙂 As journey’s go…I find the warmth along the way is to love and be loved and share with friends and food…to keep the hearth fires glowing and warm!! LOTS of LOVE and MUSIC to YOU!! So many great things ahead!! Have a SUPER day! and maybe a piece of pie…or two!! 🙂 for now, Rachel:-)

February 7, 2017 in Rachel's Post


Good morning! Just an update as we are back into recording again and it feels great! Finally getting to move through my new material. As so many new projects are getting off the ground I find my time needs to be organized.  So many new ideas at first feel like floating clouds but as we “ride the bike” and just keep moving the momentum turns into a reality. I know that the path is there for each one of us, but we have to move forward. I don’t know if one can get too comfortable on the journey…I think we are always finding our way, but that can be part of the adventure. Also it seems that as we walk this path, the unknown pieces begin to fall into their places…Always a mystery…always a discovery…! I wish you a wonderful day!  So many wonderful new adventures ahead! for now, Rachel 🙂

January 26, 2017 in Rachel's Post

Tiny Yellow Seed

Good afternoon! I hope you are very well! I have lately been thinking of the whole idea of belief.  How it affects our whole way of life. As we are launching some new ventures I am realizing that the faith one has is actually the ultimate. It was said to me, that the journey is secondary to the faith on the way. Journey’s are full of challenges and yet, faith holds its own. More than holds its own, it is a powerful force. I would say that faith is the ultimate as journey’s unfold in a most wonderful way:-) I am truly so very excited about all of the new ideas we are working towards! On this sunny day I wish you well! I have had a great time playing my guitar and all of the new music coming soon! Have a beautiful day! for now, Rachel 🙂

January 12, 2017 in Rachel's Post

Photos and more!

Good evening! I just wanted to say a big hello to you this night! So many new and great adventures we are tackling here! It is all very new and also very exciting for me to stretch myself and grow in several new areas! But also we have just had a great time on the photo shoot and will very soon upload some new pictures if you would wish to see some! This year for me is truly one of growth and great things ahead!! I thank you so much for spending this time with me and I look forward to the coming days ahead! Take good care of yourself! Lots of love and music to YOU! for now, Rachel 🙂

January 4, 2017 in Rachel's Post

Big Great Machine

What was he doing? We all looked and stared. A crowd around in a sun dazed glare. Way up! Way up! In the clouds somewhere, he balanced almost in thin cool air! A little boy he could not see? ” Up,  up!” his Mother said,” is he!”  We all cranked our heads and watched in awe as the man in plain air, well, did the SEE SAW!  He wavered here! And he wavered there! Balanced almost in the thin, cool air! Ohhh the crowd all said in chorus as the man teetered on a string …above the forest! And then as if it new, appeared the tip of a wing, was it always here?? In fact a massive BIG Machine! Just sitting there and looking keen! A machine that purred a loud low roar, and waited for the man “por vor!” We wondered at his venture there…how it felt to balance in thin air? So we all held our breath ( as if it too,would help)  except when our eyes glanced when Charlies dog did yelp! And then it happened the man did climb inside the top of the machine sublime. A big large tip and then maybe two, could be seen by us as up, up! It flew. 🙂