April 11, 2017 in Rachel's Post

New Growth Green

Good morning! Today is one of those days that I have discovered a mindset. An attitude adjustment that is so important as journey’s go. Sometimes the life we love is just blooming into place. This can require work that is not what we love to do, but is necessary and I am learning to appreciate it all. Not just the gifts that call me constantly but the rocky road that makes me into a better human being. I can learn from all of these lessons ifΒ  I am listening. This morning I went onto the porch and saw a bit of green smiling up at me from hard and cold ground. I thought to myself, this can be like me…a bit of green growing me up and finding something wonderful and new in the process. !! I am so anticipating all of my new music and video work ahead!! I wish you such a beautiful day!! Lots of love and music to YOU! for now, Rachel πŸ™‚

April 10, 2017 in Rachel's Post

Springtime’s Muddy Waters:-)

Good afternoon. Today I have been reflecting on small sphere’s like the puddles on the road that wash away the muddy soil, where new life begins…To larger spheres’ and how we are all so interdependent upon each other to some point. How we all feel emotions when an event takes place. This morning at my Sunday gig, a young man with a slender build was sitting quietly in his chair. I remembered him from last Sunday, watching me as I led music and we all sang. He had a long beard and plain clothes. Someone with a story. Today he went up front and asked for prayer. He said he feels so dark. I thought of that comment and reflected back to a time when I felt all around my life was so dark. Like my whole world was caving in and I felt so fragile. But God, like a light beam could be seen. It was so obvious to me, because my world was so full of dark. The light of God was so strong, I remember, and calm. That is when I wrote my song “In My Darkness”.Β  After darkness comes the sun and time for me has moved on to experience life in its blossoming ways. I am so happy that I could trust the Light of God to lead me through my darkness to experience these new and beautiful days.Β  I wish you such a beautiful day:-) for now, Rachel πŸ™‚

April 8, 2017 in Rachel's Post

Shadows and Sunshine

Good morning! Although today the sun is shining yet behind a curtain of cloud and fog, I am looking forward to this day of creating and music! I’ve been going over my set of new tunes and getting them ready for performing.Β  There are many times that require quietly working and this will be one of those days!Β  I hope your day is going wonderfully! Have a great day! for now, Rachel:-)

“We cannot make the sunshine, but we can move away from that which may cast a shadow on us.”
C.H. Spurgeon

April 2, 2017 in Rachel's Post


Good evening! I wanted to share my day with you:-)Β  As the rain falls on the cold hard ground I have been getting a set of my new tunes in order and practising them. I am getting them ready to not only perform live but also to try my hand at video. πŸ™‚Β  We are also putting one of my instrumentals to video…and hope to get that up soon.Β  In so many areas of my journey lately I have been cutting new teeth so to speak and stepping out in faith. At first it all feels surreal and one has to focus and not allow doubt to interrupt the day. Ideas take more than faith, they take a great deal of follow through. “Riding the Bike” in a matter of speaking. It may feel at first like your idea is a wandering ride, but as each day passes and the job is done, finally the destination begins to appear. This has been a really stretching time for me and oh so valuable as I have grown and developed new “muscles” from the journey. I’ve also learned how important it is to give people the time they need. Sometimes burdens appear at seemingly untimely moments, but when I have had faith to love people and trust that this is the best path, and that the path finds its place in time…! Anywho!! Just had to say a great Hello to you and know that I value your time with me! Have a beautiful weekend!

for now, Rachel πŸ™‚

March 28, 2017 in Rachel's Post

Trapeze Artist

There between the possible and impossible

Hanging in thin air

Balance, focus, feeling bare

What can one do?

What to move too?

But step forward! πŸ™‚

March 25, 2017 in Rachel's Post

Ride the Wave

Good morning! As the ocean; so seem we… So many different currents and energetic waves move and crash to form a rough weathered sea, but I know that we all have a ship to sail! A journey to experience and weather through..but also there is a beauty to “riding the wave” and finding the joy that one feels when the wind carries us on the ride! So we ride the wave and find the exhilaration in the moment given to us!

May you have an adventurous day and may you and I discover the bliss of the journey! I will be looking forward to making some music today!

Lots of love and music I send your way! for now, Rachel πŸ™‚

March 23, 2017 in Rachel's Post

Sunshine :-)

Fill me up from

Head to toe

So sunny skies and

Earth’s blue glow

I feel that sense

Of joy and know

That soon a new

Bloom soon will….


Have a beautiful day!

Rachel πŸ™‚

March 18, 2017 in Rachel's Post

And so much more!

Good evening! I just wanted to say a quick HELLO! to YOU!Β  Also how much fun I have had creating film score samples.Β Β  And so there are many more creations we are planning to begin. As winter’s white blanket of covering turns form and travels , bobbing here and thereΒ  in the suns rays… til seen dropping into drains, I am looking forward too many new challenges and changes! But I’ll tell you more later! I hope your weekend is great ! for now, love and music! Rachel πŸ™‚

March 14, 2017 in Rachel's Post

To Garden Paths

I walked along and found a path

Not without rocks and curved hills turns

A road that leads me through the flowers

Through toil and storm

Through midnight hours

I watched two madman shovel strong

To cause a hole to bury its song

For what? I asked to do such wrong

When garden paths flow

Where we belong.


March 11, 2017 in Rachel's Post


Good morning to YOU! I hope you are well and looking forward to this day! I know that I am as we are going to be creating today! I was talking to a friend about life, and the rhythm of life and thinking how each day has a flow, a rhythm to it and as a songwriter each day is singing a song! It is an interesting thought anywho! πŸ™‚ Winter is gently serenading me with light snowflakes floating but soon the warmth of spring will bring out my flowers that are waiting to step onto the stage!! Speaking of stages, I am performing this summer my new set of tunes in Performances in the Park but I will let you know more about that in the future! Well! I wish you a beautiful day and know that I am thinking about yOu:-) for now, love and music Rachel πŸ™‚