April 21, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

And the Hummingbird did say

Good and beautiful evening to you!

Today felt like Spring into Summer as I pulled out my guitar and played in the fresh and open air!

I have been working on my new music and getting it ready to play!

I have lately been so happy to find that the song I did with Ombre Zion, “Love around the World” is still at # 1 BTYO!

Wow eh!

What a gift 🙂 That is what good vibes are like. You give but you too receive. !

I will just keep on making the music and let it fly!

I saw my first Hummingbird today!

have a great evening!




April 15, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

Great gain

Once a long time being, a stone was found that had the most beautiful shine. The finder picked up the stone and ran into the village that he lived. The village was attached to the outskirts of a large town and the town was attached to the outskirts of a large city. He scurried along and found a stone collector. “See what I have found!” He told the collector, who was in fact in awe of the new stone. Such a rare and shiny one it was.

“We shall take it to the town! said the excited stone collector. “Why?” said the finder. “I was delighted to take it home to show my family. To set it onto the windowsill to shine in the sunlight! Like that! And we would find so much pleasure in it.”

The stone collector was shocked. “Oh no, we must, we must, or we will bust, take this stone to the village, if not sooner than later..”

And so, the finder thought for a moment, saddened a bit by the fleeting momentary pleasure which was replaced by a question ?

“Well…all right.” The finder replied.

And so, the very next day, at the break of dawn, the two were seen walking toward the village in the near but far distance.

April 13, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

What Do You See?

Good evening! Well slash, mid/afternoon…

I was missing you and so, I wanted to say a little hello.  🙂

I was talking with an artist the other day, one that I have known for some time. She is a painter. She has done nothing else but paint. I have watched her paintings grow to mastery. As we were visiting, the snow on the flower bank could be seen, slowly melting away. The browns of early spring before the growth are everywhere. She commented on the beauty of this time of year. I thought about it and she said, “I used to think it was so ugly, the early Spring, but now I find it so beautiful. I have been taking many pictures to paint.

I thought about this and found something wonderful in it all. What used to be only seen as ugly, when studied and painted a new discovery came about, that it was not ugly and dreary, but actually very beautiful. And her paintings are, just that. Simple landscapes in the monotones of early Spring .

Perhaps that’s how discovery is. The more we can explore past our biases, the more beauty we find and beauty in itself sometimes needs to be discovered. 🙂

Anyways…I hope the rest of your day is restoring and peaceful.

for now



April 10, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

If I walked too Fast

If I walked too fast

Where would you be?

Sitting there but

who would see?

Wings so full and

Filled with color

Butterfly beauty

Like no other. 🙂


April 6, 2015 in Rachel's Blog


Clutter me down



Show me excuses

Pulling me down?

Busy, the moment

Of clattering sound

So you say me

So you say you

Melody plays it’s way


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