May 2, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

Shy Little Maple

Good morning!

Oh today the sun doth shine! It is a welcome morning for a Saturday and I am encouraging the leaves on the maple trees to go ahead and show us your stuff!

I love days like today, where I can pour into the arts or sit with my coffee and think. This is where an artist finds the sparkles!

I was just reading an article about the new movies coming out with Disney. I was reading mostly about the fellow who was writing the music for the upcoming shows. What a great job. To be able to spend the day creating and with purpose. How the blueprint is laid for each artist. Some succeed, some starve. Some find life is always competing with the world of creating. Heavy burdens on the backs of the creative, yet creation is necessary. Creative people find their strength in creating. It is almost like nature, the little maple leaves are going to display their beauty in due time. 🙂

Have a wonderful Saturday and hope you get to take a little time to enjoy the moments!



April 29, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

The Bending of a Ray

Speed up , speed down

Curve the angle

Body round

Does the dip mediate

To speed

Or light

It’s polite


April 25, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

Great Gain Pt. 2

On the way to the village, and behind a large tree a robber was to be seen. He plunged out and hit the collector of shiny things on the head.  The collector was stunned and for a moment saw only the sky whirling around him like a tornado. The robber stole his wallet and fled. Sadly, they were now without any means except for the shiny stone that was hidden away in a shabby pocket.

This was the first and not the last of a series of sad and unhappy events along the way to the Great city. If I were to tell them all to you, you would be sad too, and life is short, so lets keep the sadness even shorter. All this to say that in the end, the shiny rock was too, stolen. The two were left with only the clothes on their backs and the way home was filled with the growling of hungry voices in the belly, crying out for a morsel to eat!

The two strangers,  however, became very good friends in the end. In fact, such good friends they would visit one another almost each and every day, and on one of these regular and frequent occasions, much to their surprise and joy, they found a whole deep well of these most shiny rocks, to share with one another!

And so, they did, just that! And the shine from their houses, when the sun did come out was a site to behold!

And so, it was.

April 24, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

More than a Tweet!

Good evening!

As my friends the birds come back to visit me, their presence feels like an old friend and something new!

Lately one of my greatest pleasures has been to work with some amazing musicians. The collaborations are working out so well and the pieces that we are putting together to create these songs is really like a present that even I don’t really open until it is completed. (It’s hard for me to wait!)

Time does not wait… Time…that property of  earth,  revolving around, is always passing, taking it’s laps one more round again.  It brings those birds that come to my window to say Hello, every Spring to sing their song so sweetly.

Who’s to say to a bird, you cannot sing …but a bird CAN sing…even though it’s sweet sound is a sound I wait for through the winter till finally the Spring.

Looking so forward to creations ahead!

have a good sleep!

for now


April 22, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

Behind the Canvas

And the painting lay in a corner, in the shadow, still

It was pale and without

Til one day, the artist sat

And  life was breathed into its form.

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