June 17, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

So Sunny So Blue

In days of beauty, feel the pleasure

Feel the breeze, soft in measure

Flows so gently, oh so Mighty

Fly by two

So sunny so blue

If strips to soul

Where all is bare

Beyond full body

To all tis fare

The two not me

But You

So sunny so blue.


June 14, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

Good afternoon as well!

Good afternoon! As we have finished and set out Dandelion Ballet, I am now looking at the next song! It will be completely different than Dandelion Ballet! I have wanted to record this song for a bit and so I am looking forward to sharing this song with you as well 🙂  It really is like, reaching plateaus, every new level teaches and sharpens the music.

Anyways, I did want to say hello to you.

I hope today finds you well 🙂

for now



June 14, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

Sojourner…Sojourner…where have ye been?

Sojourner…Sojourner..where have ye been? Have ye been to answer the Quee..

The winds were blowing strong as the traveler carried on. Perhaps it is all so foolish..this path, the traveler thought, for it was a dark and misty day that one could only see shortly. Having no food and little water the Sojourner decided to sit for a spell.

It was not by chance that a few fellows too were walking at a perhaps quick pace. They at first did not see the wearied traveler there but Sojourner heard and saw their moving forms. “Hello!” It was so good to see someone, here at such a height. In fact they too understood the paths course and were at once friendly. “Hello back to you!”  They all sat for a small time, shared their food and conversation. It was a short interchange but oh so valued by the traveler. The food and friendship shared by all only strengthened what was weary and the very next day, the path was oh so much clearer, the sky oh so much cheerer, and on the traveler went.

June 10, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

Dandelion Ballet is Here!

Good evening! How are you? I hope you are very well 🙂

I am so happy as we have finished and loaded my latest tune, Dandelion Ballet onto you tube! I had the great joy and privilege of working with two amazing artists. One Sherry Finzer who is an award winning Grammy player! She played the flute and did a beautiful job. As well we had the privilege of working with Paul Doolan who played the piano and played the expression I was looking for, like a ballerina dancing and also the seeds of a dandelion, flying freely in the air to be caught in the flow of the wind.

Please take the time to listen to our beautiful work of art!!

Thank you!! and lots of love

for now


Here is the link :  https://youtu.be/qYSMLgBkiuk

June 5, 2015 in Rachel's Blog


Ambitious heart, you find your way

Against the grain and selfish stray

Pray tell who can you help this day?

If only you, to you come may

No greater deed to stay.


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