April 3, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

Hop! Hop! Ho…



April 1, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

When you Say and So

Not a face, or a smile

Just a word from a mile

of friendship that says

Love and care

and love and care

Shall be.


April 1, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

In the Spring comes the flowers

Good morning!

I love this day! I am able to be creative and a  bonus attached is that the sun is shining!

To think of history, the early Greeks and all the beauty they created for the rest of us. The culture and the ideas I do not always find kind. The way some were slaves so that others could be free to explore the arts and so they did.

Art needs time.  Seems people are so busy today. But some of our business is to me, just keeping up with what others feel is important. To create, like I love to do, means to simplify and give myself time.  🙂

Gifts of art, beauty, fashion, the design of life, just have to be!

And so we create, anyways…because it IS meant to be!  Like water…it finds a path.


And then in the Spring…a flower emerges! And so with all the hard work and art created, at some wonderful moment, It is appreciated!!

Now……….back to creating!

Have a beautiful day 🙂



March 27, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

Creativity and it’s avenues

Good afternoon!

I just wanted to say Hello again!

This week I was re-introduced to a fellow musician. He had been touring for a few years and one day, he just burnt out. Now he won’t even pick up his guitar. He looks a little war torn and I thought about ” where does the creativity go?”

I was also taking a break and found a great article written about Pink Floyd, specifically, David Gilmour. One of the greats for sure. How the band had started with Syd Barret and how Syd Barret’s  creative journey took him far and beyond, due to all the psychedelic drugs that he felt aided his creativity. Sadly though the drugs stole his ability and he lost that very flow of original thought.

The creative mind. It has it’s mysteries.

I do find, for myself, that the more I explore new ideas and sounds, the more ideas I am getting. It seems as if the well is full, once the bucket is dropped into it.

As I tune up my guitar for another moment into a world where thoughts and dreams are all waiting…

I wish you a very wonderful weekend 🙂

Truly and

for now


March 25, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

Me and My Guitar

Good Morning to you!!

Well today is a day I love because I can say “excuse me” to the chores…”excuse me” to the phone

and say “HELLO GUITAR!!”

Yup, it’s a beautiful day 🙂

So just had to quickly say GOOD MORNING to YOU! and then……….

“do the work…do the work…!”

Have a super day!!

Rachel 🙂

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