May 18, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

The sleeping Inn

The sun yawned and began to open its eyes.

The bed was full, full of covers and what?

A breeze wafted through the window sill,

Like ice cream candy; cold and delightful!

A nose was seen over the hill of warm covers

Suddenly!  A large cup of coffee was moved!

Moved onto the pile of covers !

Steam from the warm cup of coffee mixed with swirling cream landed itself

Onto the top of the pile!

The nose snorted…

and sniffed…

and sighed,

a happy sigh…

It was …the Sleeping in!


May 12, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

Sunbeam Days

So beautiful the earth too  sing

When greens and apples flowers swing

To winds that becon me to bring

My hearts full blossom

Angels sing

Sad sorrows all around  do ring

A bell

For still the sun does shine.



May 10, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

HapppYY Mother’s Day!!

She sat with her feet dangling down the bed

“Hurry Mother! Hurry!”

She just nod her head.

Trying hard to sit.

Mother laid the comb upon her head.

“Hurry Mother! Hurry!”

She just nod her head.

So Mother’s gentle hands

And the comb she gently lead

Pray tell DID create a beauty

Never seen on top that head.

For only then a Mother’s hands

A Mother’s touch.




May 6, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

Good Morning!

Good morning! How are you today 🙂

I feel liberated in the fact that I am moving closer to completing a project of beauty 🙂 One of my great joys in life is to be able to express something magnifical! It is such an honor to work with great talent and hear the expression that comes from the collaboration. !  I am so thankful 🙂

So today I will be working on delivery of this beautiful tune coming!

May I click your cup of coffee and say! Have a super day!

for now

Rachel 🙂


did you know that the name of the Dandelion comes from the French word that means “teeth of a lion” ? 🙂

May 5, 2015 in Rachel's Blog

Some little rabbits

Oh the stirrings

Of a heart so longing

All the little rabbits

Can you catch one’s tail?


Paths defining

Lead to deserts

Blooms in


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