August 7, 2017 in Rachel's Blog

Through Smoke and Fire

This morning I headed off to the Sally Ann to play and sing. It was a very smoke-filled sky and I wondered if it was so safe to go out into. I carried on with some doubt in my thoughts and headed into the building. So many new faces I saw. Old and new, and all there to give of their own time to help others. I was so impressed with them all so warm and cheery they were. I sat down to the piano to get my tunes in order. A new set were laid in front of me as it was announced  that there would be a guitar player to assist me. “Sure, okay” I thought.

A thin, tall fellow came up onto the stage with me. He could have been David Bowie`s younger brother. We started to play and it became clear that this would be a great time!  Not only could he play really well but sing too! It was such a blast and everyone sang with a big voice!

Jim, who shared the stage with me today, was a touring  musician heading up the ladder. He gave it up along the road and joined the Sally Ann to help others.

It was a special day. A day where music took us all to another place, and it was one of those great moments life hands out like flowers. 🙂

July 30, 2017 in Rachel's Blog

New Growth

Good morning! I just wanted to wish you a great morning!  I have been enjoying my new tunes and getting them ready to perform and record. I feel really excited about so many new opportunities we are working on!

In every turn the road leads me on!

Have a beautiful day!

Lots of love to you! for now,

Rachel 🙂

July 25, 2017 in Rachel's Blog

Time Line

Every life tells a story. Woven through the passages of time. Secrets we hide or places we dream to be are all poured through the vessel of time to reveal the truth about us. What we really believe, who we really are. Our sins that find us time and time again. Poured through our story washing in and through us to reveal our real truth. To reveal truth itself. For anything based on a lie will not hold on through the passages of time. Time tells the story, the real story in time.

July 22, 2017 in Rachel's Blog

Running River

So I got me a ticket

To a One Way Show

Found me a beach on

a cozy river hole

Wind in my hair

Wind in my soul

Running River



Lots of love and music to YOU!! Have a super day! Rachel:-)

July 19, 2017 in Rachel's Blog

Winds of Opportunity

Good evening! As this day is settling in and I too, I want to let you know that I have ridden a wave and found it full of new shores!! As my journey continues, and rounds a corner all full of smog and danger I have discovered that a journey can be full of surprises! What could be a cliff hanger experience can also become an exhilarating opportunity to try ones wings out! This is where you find me! Learning about new and wonderful opportunities! That is how a journey goes …there is  always a way and an opportunity. Holding dearly the people one loves and handling loosely the things that one owns, feels free. And so…as chapters go, a new and exciting adventure awaits us!

Have a wonderful evening!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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