December 4, 2017 in Rachel's Blog

It’s Beginning to lOOk a lot like….!

Good beautiful morning!

I hope this day finds you well and ready for a new week! In the ebb and flow of life I am finding some great new treasures of wisdom as I learn to deal in new areas of creativity!

As journeys go they can stretch us, break us, or discourage us all depending upon the way we flow through all of the obstacles and challenges that come our way. It’s inevitable.  I have gained some new wisdom and insight lately in my travels and I am thankful for the growth in my life 🙂

I am also anticipating some great new musical collaborations. Today I will be working on a few of some new songs that I have written and am working on with some great musical talent!

Love is in the air and I feel the anticipation that it brings and stirs into my heart!

So with the “bbbaby it’s cccoold outside” still my heart is warmed by the exciting adventures ahead!

Have a really awesome day!

for now


ps Also my interview with Celebefex is coming very soon! I will keep you posted!

November 22, 2017 in Rachel's Blog

Even In the Laden Snow

Good evening! I have been working on some new music and felt like a break to stop and think for a moment. The snow fell last night. All the flurries of the sky whirling around in the black night. I think of Van Gough who painted the motion of earth in little strokes of paint round and round we go… When the snow lays softly on the ground it is as if the earth has been put to bed. The same quietness of a child who’s covers have closed over their arms and tucked them in for a good nights sleep 🙂 So seems the earth rests and yet, here I am growing in the snow. So many new experiences and challenges that have caused me to stretch myself, to trust more, to let go of the unnecessary things that I would hold onto. It is what I would liken to Springtime. Growth comes on a journey when it is ready to come. Maybe when we are ready to learn. And then like swirling little snowflakes of wisdom they fall upon us and we feel the rest …..of course only until the sun wakes us up once again!!

So much to share with you but for now, I will say have a wonder filled evening as a journey full of anticipation awaits!

Thank you for sharing this moment with me!

for now:-)


November 14, 2017 in Rachel's Blog

Tipping Teeter Totter Too!

Teeter totter

Tip this way!

Tip to me

and don’t delay!

Up and down this

journey play

Teeter totter

Forward stay!

So the journey keeps moving forward and the path seems to be opening up onto a grassy green! That sounds nice to me as the snow here is wet and the ground a burnished brown 🙂

I feel so honored to share these thoughts with you!

So for now I wish you a really wonderful day!

Rachel! 🙂

November 10, 2017 in Rachel's Blog

In Poppies Feild

The sun streamed into the dingy room. She placed his coffee on the wobbly coffee table that caught a ray of the sunlit day and revealed the dust unseen in the evening glow. “Maybe we can take a walk this afternoon” she said, looking over at her husband of many years ,her eyes glimpsing a far away look. He was silent, sitting there in his easy chair. She took another knowing glance into his eyes and sadly  watched the change come over him. “Lenny? It’s me Lenny, Marianne… your wife, Lenny”

Lenny’s hands started to shake and his face contorted into a fearful stare. His body shook as he began to moan an anguished cry. Marianne had seen this before. His quiet suffering. It seemed to get better at times and then something would just trigger it. As if it was all right there happening like a private hell. She remembered him. Her handsome husband who would serenade her on the dance floor. She looked longingly at him. Hoping the day would come that he would hers again. She remembered how much he gave. She pulled down the shade and touched his arm with a gentle caress as she whispered “Lenny I love you “.

November 6, 2017 in Rachel's Blog

And So a Time..

Good afternoon! The sun is brilliantly shining on my arms as I type to you some thoughts for this day! I first of all hope that you are very well! Things said and unsaid all weave into our lives a pattern of hope, despair, joy and trial. So goes the essence of the journey. As the music takes more and more of my heart, a passion that burns bright I realize there is a time for everything. I am cutting back on my other loves..pottery for one. I love the feel of clay in my hands the way to mold it into a beautiful form…but my music muse is jealous of time and so I am selling all of my pottery gear to become more focused.

The journey is like that. Ever changing and molding us really into best selves if we let it. Music is that mystery that comes from us but not always is us, that creates a passion for life and future…helps us along the way. It is a privilege to carry such a gift on my journey…to share with create something new. Love is the ultimate pot of gold over the rainbow..friends and loved ones. Relationships for all of time and beyond. So there is a time…..speaking of time it is time to turn back the clock!! That sounds great!!

I wish you a wonderful day!

for now

Rachel ! ps lots ahead!! 🙂

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