January 7, 2018 in Rachel's Blog

Tune and Tune

Just that note

a bit, a slight

Turn and then

Feel the flight

Of sound that resonates

Deep and fine

Into my soul

And bid me farther

Then I shall know.



Looking forward!

December 31, 2017 in Rachel's Blog


….and as the corner was turned a new and wondrous sight like a story in a book written but now to be read… was to be seen…! ”

Happy New Year!

for now

Rachel 🙂

December 29, 2017 in Rachel's Blog


After the anticipation of Christmas comes the pause of time past and times to come. I feel it like a wave that has hit the shore and retreated to the cycle it plays. Feelings can bombard and thoughts can flow and it is a good time for me to think. I respect this time as it offers me a challenge to be honest with myself, to grow and deepen on my journey. I have great anticipation for the days ahead and am very thankful to have this musical journey to travel.

Failure is inevitable and yet it offers a great place for learning. So before the wave comes back to envelope the sandy shores I am able to accept these transitions and know that the journey is the richer because of it. I really am looking forward to the creating of music and the peace of understanding.

May you have such a Happy New Year as we all anticipate the days to come!

For now


December 13, 2017 in Rachel's Blog

#Have yOurself a Merry Little Christmas!! :-)

Good morning !!

Just wanted to say with all my heart I send you this greeting!! Lots and lots of love to YOU

Just uploaded my Christmas tunes so…Enjoy!!

love Rachel 🙂

December 13, 2017 in Rachel's Blog

Sugar, Salt, and Pepper

Good evening!  As Christmas Season is vast approaching I have been thinking as the days fly by and I sort through the recipe file of events. A season for joy and good will! This is my hearts desire. A little bit of pretty lights on a dark night! So to pour the sugar into the season! Open the many recipes for this and go! But sometimes it’s just a little too much pepper…and too much pepper…can make one..AA AAaaaCHO! Well you know.

The dynamics of expectation, memories and a rush of events can really bring out ones true ingredients. I have been catching myself as I really want to pour on the sugar but salt is healing and pepper well it can be too much.

Perhaps this Season can be full of love for all those I hold dear, for such an opportunity as this, to share with you, to take some time for people and loose the expectations except to find myself thankful.

I want to put up a few Christmas carols just for you and thank you for spending this time with me:-)

I hope we can laugh at the stressful times, reach out to those who are hurting and keep the pepper with Mrs. Dash…:-)

Have a wonderful Season! May we enjoy it! Relish the giving and good food and friends!

All too all I do say…good night!

Ps! I will put up my Christmas tunes right away for you and thank you so much for spending this time with me!

Merry Christmas! for now, Rachel:-)

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