November 4, 2017 in Rachel's Blog

Can You Hear it!?

What is that hustle is it clear?

A wisp of wind blowing in my ear?

From snowy banks a song I hear?

A distant twinkle star, Oh dear!

A sound of Christmas in my ear!

A coming time of winter cheer!

A time for loved ones to be near!



November 2, 2017 in Rachel's Blog

Love Her Tender

As the snow lays cold and new on the earth here,  I grab my sweater to keep warm. My mind is on a situation that has been brought to my attention lately. Family disputes.

A place of comfort and warmth, like my sweater is taken to a place that becomes the depths of sadness and shame. The brokenness of life is made raw.This is a hidden pain just beneath the surface for so many. What should be the greatest life experience, relationship, is taken to a dark place, a hopeless place. It is something ,I think that creates a world of hate. How does one break free from such a trauma?  I have been thinking about this and know that it takes time to heal but that love is the greatest gift to give. From brokenness to hope needs much support and encouragement and love. How does one not repeat the trauma from generation to generation? To me it seems the training is to hate, not to love. That the home life is under siege and that re-training to love would make a difference. Love can break the habit of hate. Forgiveness not bitterness. To be set free.  My songs “What Kind of Friend” from my very first cd, “Broken” from The Best of Zest Vol. II and a new song that I plan to record soon “Lind’s Eve” were made for this situation.   Perhaps children in an environment of hate and pain can be helped by the re-training to love! Love can win!

Well! I better get to the day at hand!

Have a day filled with moments of beauty!!

for now

Rachel 🙂

October 14, 2017 in Rachel's Blog

Ahhh….a Little Closer Please…..

Good evening! It is really time to settle in for the day but I just wanted to share a thought with you before I do!

As my opportunities broaden and come to me more frequently I am aware that this journey is not always clear at first. What can look to be a real and amazing opportunity can at closer look seem to change and turn into something totally different. As I grow with the music and business in general I am finding that from a distance or at first glance an opportunity looks like such a great turn of events until studied a bit further or more closely only to find, that it is not the journey I am on. I guess that is how I can discover my way. To just keep seeking and learning from the opportunities that come along . If they are not true to who one is , then they are not the path for that journey. I think it is really important to be true to who one is as there is only one ‘who’ to be!

Okay…! Just a thought I thought I would share with YOU!

At this time…

Loving the journey thus far…

for now

Rachel 🙂

October 9, 2017 in Rachel's Blog


As I head into a season full of color and a nip in the air I am truly Full of Thanks! Sure there are always the moments that keep us challenged but I am finding that everything has a season and a time to it! I feel free to create my music and begin to simple pursue it with a passion! I feel the anticipation of doing this and creative sparks are beginning to fly!

So in this new season I want to say that I am Full of Thanks to be able to bring these gifts forward and pursue a dream worth dreaming!!

Have such a Happy Thanksgiving!

For now

Rachel! 🙂

October 3, 2017 in Rachel's Blog

Just a little bit more!

Good afternoon! The sun is just beautiful today, shining on the falling golden, red leaves that whisper a change in season! I just came in from finishing a portrait for a wedding soon coming. It always feels so rewarding to finish and On time!! 🙂 With all of the distractions around it’s so easy to feel like not pressing on with a project, like this painting..I was really struggling for a time to catch the inner personality of the people in the portrait. The photo I was using was small and so I at one moment wondered about starting over. I had put the painting aside for a few weeks contemplating this idea. Today I went into the studio and just settled down and worked on the details. It all started to come together and now it is as I want it to be! Sometimes it’s just that little bit more that makes all of the difference!

So too with the music, I am working on the new tunes. I just love to hear from means the world to me! I have had some really awesome comments about the music that just makes my whole day!!! I can’t wait to get the new tunes into recording! Winter time is a great time for recording as things settle down and the earth seems more quiet! At least here with all of the snow!

So many great opportunities coming ! It won’t be “Just a little bit more” but LOTS!

In all of the distractions that will always come, I have found it’s worth pressing past them, not giving way to the struggle, or despair  finding the peace and reward that waits for us!

Have a wonderful day!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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