February 13, 2018 in Rachel's Blog

Love Remains

Through tempest wind of stormy skies Through unintended advancing lies Through dark and mourning hearts deny A note of love remains. And when the storm skies thunder strong To hear its bellow above the song The moment breaking resistance strong Still love remains.

February 10, 2018 in Rachel's Blog


Good beautiful morning! As I get myself ready to work on some lyrics for a collaboration I am involved in I just wanted to update you and tell about it! I am very excited with the song collaborations I am involved in! It feels like some really fine work! I have many songs on the go and

February 5, 2018 in Rachel's Blog

Chocolate and Cherries

Good afternoon! Lately I have been craving chocolate a ..Lot! Maybe it’s just because it’s that Valentine time of year!! But also maybe it’s because it’s That time of year…well the time of year when we are all ready for some fun …! As I am excitedly working on so many new musical pieces I find time

January 31, 2018 in Rachel's Blog


Good evening! I just wanted to clarify as I realize the song I mentioned “One Horse Town” was not on the radio interview but James Walsh has put the song “One Horse Town” into his rotation! So …you can hear it there..! for now! Also it is a real pleasure to be working on many new songs…so

January 30, 2018 in Rachel's Blog

Celebefex Interview with James Walsh!!

Hello! Good evening! Here is the link to the Interview with James Walsh! He is a super person and I really enjoyed our visit! He was kind enough to put “One Horse Town” into his rotation! I sang it off the floor so…anyways..how wonderful ! Thank you so much for staying tuned….(tuned is a good thing…!! )

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