June 16, 2018 in Rachel's Blog

Sunny Skies Lullaby’s!

Good beautiful day to you! It is so wonderful weather right now! I hope you are experiencing Sunny Skies that smile sweetly upon you! Just wanted to update you and let you know that I have finished a few new songs and we are in the midst of the creation of once nothingness coming to life! So

June 9, 2018 in Rachel's Blog

Music and Mystery

Good day to you! Thank you so much for hanging out with me here! So much on the go and that feels really great I must say! I really wanted to check in with you though and say Hello! I am in the middle of writing on a collaboration I am working on. As I was thinking

May 30, 2018 in Rachel's Blog

So Fair !

Good beautiful evening! I just wanted to let you know that we have uploaded my latest tune onto my website! It is a love song and I wrote it in chords I don’t usually write music in but found it to be really enjoyable! I hope you take a listen and enjoy a little love song….! Have

May 23, 2018 in Rachel's Blog

#Love On The Road

Good evening! I just wanted to let you know that we have uploaded a New Tune onto the website, Love On The Road. 🙂 I had written this song for a different poem and had planned to record it. I had put it aside for a while. I then picked up the music that I had written

May 21, 2018 in Rachel's Blog

Oceans To Wild Winds

It seemed as if the boat would turn Those waves of ore and wild winds swirl The ups and downs and bellowed cries Of sea legged sailors You? or I? Perhaps the ship should find its shore Away from all the dangered horror Would raze or topple into cold The freeze…the chill…the loveless born “Ai! Nayy!” The

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