Month: July 2019

A Song in the Night

It was one of those nights...up at 2:00 trying to get to sleep. I guess I had a lot on my mind. I wandered through the house and saw my guitar propped up all nice and proper, waiting for some attention. I could feel my spirit relax at the sight of it. I picked up my faithful friend and sat down in the dark. A small night light flickered it's steady light in all but darkness. I took in the night...
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Every Little Drop

Good morning! Today the rain falls gently, sometimes rather forcefully as the water finds the lowest common ground. It is alright I think to myself, as the grass is ever greener and my plants drink in the liquid gold. But I know that my friends all around the world have troubles with flooding, with drought, with earthquakes and I am in sorrow for them. I know these are the events in life that...
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