Month: August 2018

With the Rain New Seeds may Grow

Good evening! So thankful for the rain we have recently experienced! Also... Just a few new features to let you know of! We have added photos to the Albums section. You can see us in the studio when we created Best of Zest vol. I & II also photos from the other albums as well :-) Also started recording a song I wrote in gratefulness to J.Michael Dolan who has been a source of encouragement to...
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Deeper Than Hell The Best of Zest Vol. I

Good afternoon to you! Although the wind is up and it is a cooler day than the "record beating heat" of yesterday, still the murky smoke lingers in our air and patchy blue sky. Fires seeming to feel it is their time not Summer Time:-) When I wrote Deeper Than Hell it was at a very tumultuous time in my life. I had been through a devastating relationship break-up. One that caused me to lose...
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Diamond Dust

She sat in her hammock and drew a deep breath He laid in the corner with all his regrets Why look you so weary your story all set Believe you a lie and see what you get What? You say ask for a true tail Maybe one maybe two? Then open their ears and in the truth flew But some only wish for, some only knew All that they gathered were lies and tales blue So why do you call out? and act like you...
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Around Every Corner is a Corner….

Good beautiful morning! I hope your day is full of good things! As the journey continues on I have experienced so many places on the path. I have also been listening to other people's stories how they have so many huge obstacles to endure and come through. It is encouraging for me to know that around every corner Is another corner. It is an exciting journey. Sometimes very challenging but always...
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