Month: July 2018

Sailboats Best of Zest Vol. II

Good morning to you! One evening in the fall the band got together and we recorded Sailboats. I wrote this song and actually it has a tricky timing that Michael was trying to come into. We were recording off the floor and left it fresh. We tried to record it a few times but Michael was tired and actually we all were. We were recording and I had asked Ray to do a violin solo. When it came to his...
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Pictures The Best of Zest Vol. II

Good evening! I just put my guitar down and feel so full of joy this day as it has been one of those days that restore you from the inside to the outside! Pictures was a song I wrote for people with cancer.  Illness is such a heavy on a sunshiny day.  I say Too many people suffer from cancer. It breaks my heart. Cancer for some gets beaten,  maybe learning new eating habits, lowering stresses...
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In My Darkness Zorobabel

In My Darkness came to me one evening. I was in a very destructive relationship. One that was so painful that your heart becomes numb. It was a moment of despair. What was meant to be love was only a relationship that created pain. It felt as if the whole world had become dark. So dark that I felt myself sinking into a deep depression. I feel that it is in these times that truth can surface as...
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Liberty of Love The Best of Zest Vol II.

Good morning! The rain fell last night when I was sleeping. I could feel the fresh breeze blow over my face as I slept. I love that feeling:-) When we recorded Liberty of Love we had all eaten a great meal and proceeded to practise and then record. It was evening time and the room was dimly lit. Michael had written this poem and I turned it into a song. Ray added his magic sounds as we all...
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#Song in Am

Good morning! As you can see the website is being updated! I hope your day is going well. I have many new songs on the table getting ready to launch! When I wrote Song in Am I had taken in some boys that were struggling at the time. It was really difficult for me to do this but it was worth it in the long run as they have all turned out really well! I was hoping at the time to do some touring and...
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