Allow me to introduce to you the Rachel Walker Trio and musical style they call Zest.               Rachel Walker is an accomplished  singer / songwriter with a large catalogue of original music. She has released four albums and continues to release a wide range of singles. Rachel enjoys collaborating with professional artists from around the world.  This collection of original tunes are a blend of multiple styles and are typically based lyrically on life experience, vitality of spirit. Melody and instrumentation develops for each song from an almost magical creative process. The Trio combines a diverse background from each member, an impressive selection of acoustic and digital instrumentation. Masterfully played with a variety of style and inventive technique.

Visit our new friend & a fun radio interview with Rachel Walker & Drum Legend Alvin Taylor …

V for Vitality with Susan Brender

V for Vitality with Susan Brender


Watch Rachel’s 2 Newest Videos links below : 

Was that You – by Rachel Walker


Via Dolorosa – by Rachel Walker




International CD requests  please visit :http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/RachelWalkerTrio